#CrowdLeader – A Theory that is Eternally Right?

Foreword: The Author knows they’re presenting a rather high regard of themself and does express some regret for this. 

For a theory to always be right, it must change over time as well as meaning different things to different people at the same time; CrowdLeader does this.

E = mc^2 is memorable for its simplistic look with its hidden complexity and depth. Likewise, the research subject: how group boundaries and membership affect behaviour, uses language that anyone who understands the mathamatical function ‘squared’ could interperate. Yet justifying why a group of people will behave one way in one place, but that same group of people would not dream of behaving in ‘that’ way, in a different place…?

Social Identity Theory suggest that people want to act positively within each group they belong to with new research into the human memory, showing a positive corolation when the message or moral to recal, had a positive element. Combine the two with ‘composition filter: how group boundaries and membership affect behaviour’ on your #SocialMedia of choice and show the world the right way to do things. 

Add #CrowdLeader and you have a vurtually pure data-set, right at the time when #BigData, #VirtualReality and #AugmentedReality are starting to be an excepted element of modern life. Lets allow computers to guide us, but lets also make sure we all give them the right data to use in the first place. 

In a #PostTruth world with a worring tendancy to try and define us by what what divides us. Isn’t it a better idea to interoperate what we say we like rather than have our ‘likes’ extrapolated from what we don’t like.

#CrowdLeader: we know the #BigDataRevolution is coming, lets make it a positive one. 

When is that ever a wrong decision? In which case is it always right? #philosophy