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With Saturday and weekend pay seeming to be a political sticking point and public support gradually slipping away from the Doctors, how can @TheBMA move forward with the Country on its side?

I’ve worked in Hospitality and Events for nearly 15 years. I’ve lost all concept of a ‘Weekend’ and have also seen the gradual removal of overtime for working on bank holidays. While I am angry about this, I do not want to get involved in a race to the bottom.

To maintain its current Public support I would like to see the BMA offer an olive branch towards the Governments plan for a #7DayNHS. I would like to see the BMA withdraw all of its demands for increased pay on Saturday or at weekends. The world we now live in doesn’t operate on a Monday-to-Friday-9-to-5 cycle and while some elements of the NHS have long appreciated that, from another point of view it could look like #JuniorDoctors are making a twisted attempt to maintain their #Bourgeoisie status so they can keep playing golf on a Saturday and offer their penance on Sunday.

I strongly #support the Junior Doctors and their contractual negotiations are far more complex than a matter of extra pay at the weekends (despite what many Conservative MPs are saying), and hope that this a moment where our support for them could be reciprocated.

Although the concept of a weekend in its traditional sense may well be meaningless, that doesn’t mean there is no value in having a regular period free from work. This helps provide structure, space and support to people outside of work, so they can maintain their heath, work more and as a result, make our Country more efficient. That is something #WorthFightingFor


Dear BMA, please drop all demands for Saturday or weekend pay rates in exchange for a #FixedRestPeriod. A period of between 24-48 hours, that starts and ends at the same point within a 7 day week, that is defined by the Employer, guarantees the Employee at least ££p/h x 1.5  if they are offered and accept work during said #FixedRestPeriod.

I have lost all hope in ever ‘getting my weekend back’, but this negotiation could change that. You, The BMA, could be the catalyst for real #SocialReform within the labour market and if you did that, would undoubtedly carry the support of the Nation with you.

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