Dear Vicky

It was nice to meet you earlier on this evening at the hustings and thank you for agreeing to answer one question from me.

As the only Independent Candidate in Lewisham Deptford, I am standing on the sole issue of improving voter engagement with politics and the electoral process.

With 77 out of the 100 constituencies with the lowest voter turnout in 2010 being Labour seats and Harriet Harmon saying we have to “make sure people can see the genuine choice there is” in the general election.

The final guidance that voters see in the poll booth being Making-Your-Mark-Example-Booth-Notice-English-Colour-A2

A direct quote from Lewisham Electoral Service Manager “It is not permissible for staff employed in polling stations to advise voters how to mark their ballot papers, save to read  the instructions at the top of the ballot paper, as you have remarked.  That does not prevent an elector making a choice to spoil their paper howsoever they may wish.”

Will you support my Manifesto to educate the Electorate that they have the option to spoil their ballot paper on May 7th?