In a political word that is mostly dominated by mud slinging, a manipulation of statistics that confuses most and the selective reporting by media, that further distorts the facts. I can be hard to know who stands for what.

#PoliticsStrippedBack hopes to find examples of political ideologies that demonstrate the actual difference between political parties. It will give short, easy to understand statements, backed up with references to justify the point. Regrettably, they do come with my own internal bias, so watch out for that before you make up your mind.


Despite the reluctance of either side to admit it, Labour are funded by the Unions and The Conservatives are funded by Hedge-funds.

So would you chose the Unions of Hedge-fund Manager to run the country, or perhaps ‘none-of-the-above’?


Daily Politics Show 04/02/15 time-code: 1:10:26 – 1:13:10