CrowdLeader is an independent organisation with #Research, #Education and #Safety as its core ideals.


The CrowdLeader research field is defined by “How Group Boundaries and Membership Affect Behaviour” with an additional focus on how enhancing awareness of these groups and the expected behaviours within them, may lead to increased self-regulation.

While CrowdLeader, modestly, believes that this concept is infinitely expandable (with a lot of support). For now (and most likely the significant future), the primary focus is on the #Events Industry and #Crowds and #CrowdManagement.

CrowdLeader has an on-going research project which involves collecting primary data, in the form of semi-structured interviews, at #Music #Festivals.

CrowdLeader is also looking to collect and collate short video clips or images, with the tag ‘#CrowdLeader’ and ‘#FestivalName’, posted by patrons at festivals, creating a collage of expected behaviour.


Within the #EventProfs industry there is still a short fall in knowledge relating to #Crowd #Management, especially when it comes to the #Psychology of the crowd. CrowdLeader hopes to use its research in combination with a database of clips, created crowd members, to create accurate visual guides to what people expect to experience. All event stakeholders can then see what is expected and engage in debate to promote and explain why.


Increased safety within #CrowdManagement can only be achieved once people have been educated as to what the hazard is, accept that there is a a risk to them and are aware of actions that they can take to reduce the risk; with the added difficulty of not prohibitively increasing cost or reducing enjoyment. The increased understanding of Crowd Management that CrowdLeader aspires to bring should allow event organisers to give better training to staff and marketing to customers. Thus, allowing staff to effectively carry out their functions while being seen as a member of the ‘event’ that the customer is part of, instead of some jobs-worth trying to tell the crowd what to do. CrowdLeader believes this should have 3 significant contributions to #EventSafety. The improved relationship between the crowd and staff will reduce work related #Stress, giving numerous secondary benefits. The enhanced ‘prior expectation’ of crowd behaviour will increase self-regulation and reduce stress within the crowd, with numerous secondary benefits. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, with an improved relationship between all #stakeholders at the event, the ‘Initiation Time’ for any emergency will be much quicker.


CrowdLeader was founded by David Neil Thomas Harvey (for those that know the film Highlander – there is only one) aka DNTHarvey. DNTHarvey has dyslexia, ADHD and has to earn money, all of which make the research rather slow. Despite this, solace is taken from the ‘Pitch Drop Experiment’; something that is continually moving forward, with intermittent periods of frenetic activity. Unlike this experiment, CrowdLeader is welcome to any external influence and gives the following (tongue in cheek) pitch – Are you a middle manager looking for promotion? Do you have experience of managing individuals with #Mental #Health difficulties, enabling them to come closer to their potential? CrowdLeader is your ideal opportunity. Established as CrowdLeader Ltd, owner of and .com/CrowdLeader with most known social media sites, CrowdLeader also offers great potential for growth and future business partnerships. So what do you think?

DNTHarvey has a dry sense on humour, is a competent camera user with an interest in animation (, has a reasonable grasp of our political system and politics, and is possibly the only person stupid enough to cycle up the Col de Tourmalet on a dirt jumping bike with a kids trailer as an alternative to panniers (